Journal of Dharma (ISSN: 0253-7222), is an International Quarterly published by the Centre for the Study of World Religions (CSWR), established at Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram (DVK), Pontifical Athenaeum of Philosophy, Theology, and Canon Law, Bengaluru, India. It was launched in 1975, ‘to fill the gap of a felt need in the contemporary society’ ‘to foster intercultural understanding from an inner realization of religions.’ Understanding religion as ‘one of the deepest dimensions of culture’ Journal of Dharma was committed to ‘disseminate the seeds of the Sacred in every bit of our secular existence and to re-integrate the entire material Universe in the Spirit of Truth and Holiness’ (Inaugural Editorial). Together with the promotion of inter-religious dialogue, Journal of Dharma promotes dialogue between the sacred and secular with the conviction that the ‘sacred’ and ‘secular’ are basic dimensions of reality. In a world of mass human migration and ever faster dissemination of ideas and images, no fact of human life is independent of religious influence and religious life and practices are also influenced by these branches of human knowledge and life. Journal of Dharma is committed investigate and foster the Interface of Religion and Philosophy with other branches of academia.

  • Towards Sustainable Societies


    The Journal of Dharma volume 46 (2021) celebrates human quest ‘Towards Sustainable Societies’ and explores the Ethical interface of Sustainable Development Goals and the roles of educational, economic, political, legal, and religious policies, systems, and institutions, bringing together research from different academic fields including Literature, Media, Environmental Sciences, Law, Economics, Philosophy, and Religious studies. Researchers who care for the cry of the poor people and the cry of the ailing planet are invited to submit research papers scientifically prepared, following the Author Guidelines, focussing on one or more SDGs, which will be published in the four issues of the Journal of Dharma in 2021, subject to peer review reports, and editorial board decision. Selected papers after peer review will be conceptually grouped into the five pillars of SDG, the five Ps: People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnerships.

    Vol. 46.1. Towards Sustainable Societies: People, Ethics, and Development (1 March 2021)

    Vol. 46.2. Towards Sustainable Societies: Planet, Ethics, and Development (8 May 2021)

    Vol. 46.3. Towards Sustainable Societies: Prosperity, Ethics, and Development (8 July 2021)

    Vol. 46.4. Towards Sustainable Societies: Peace, Partnerships, Ethics, and Development (15 August 2021)

                                                          (Last dates of submissions are given in brackets)

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  • Towards Ethical Societies


    Journal Dharma invites scholars to present and share the fruits of their research examining and showcasing the scale, scope, and complexity of the ethical dimensions of the forms of life, contributing to humanity’s journey “Towards Ethical Societies.” Kindly send the manuscripts for publication (6000 words) in MS Word with footnotes in MLA style, following the Guidelines, to the Editor-in-Chief via email: Selected papers, after peer review, will be grouped into the following for publication in the 45th volume of the Journal of Dharma:

    Vol. 45.1. Towards Ethical Societies: Social Implications 

    Vol. 45.2. Towards Ethical Societies: Kairos of COVID-19 

    Vol. 45.3. Towards Ethical Societies: Philosophical Investigations 

    Vol. 45.4. Towards Ethical Societies: Religious Visions 

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  • Knowledge Society vis-a-vis Ethical Society


    In tune with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the mission Towards Knowledge Societies, Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram and Christ University in collaboration with India organize a national conference on 20 July 2019 to investigate critically and creatively the content, scope, management, and politics of the knowledge both at the local and global levels with special reference to Ethics and Values Education in Higher Education.

    The National Conference provides scholars with a forum to present and share the fruits of their research examining and showcasing the scale, scope, and complexity in different branches of knowledge, contributing to humanity’s journey towards Knowledge Society and Ethical Society.

    The papers could be published, after peer review, in the next two volumes of Journal of Dharma

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